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About Ane Walsh

Photo above: Ane Walsh at the hosting and translating for Justine Crane who is the author of the book “Perfumaria Botânica”, a book published in Brazil and Portugal by Editora Laszlo. She was in 2018 at CIAROMA III and gave a lecture on the topic of her book.

Introducing our Brazilian professor – Ane Walsh – Natural Perfume Academy Ambassador to Brazil


Ane was born in the old center of São Paulo, studied biology at the Institute of Biosciences of USP and worked for 6 years at the Oceanographic Institute as a technical field and laboratory specialist. On a scholarship to England Ane met her husband, they fell in love on a memorable trip to Scotland (Skye, North & South Uist).

Her children were born at home and after that, Ane and her husband decided that they should leave the big city and live in the country.

They came to live on a farm in Minas Gerais, where they remained for 10 years and then moved to the city so that children could study better. Ane began working with the office of teacher in Cambridgeshire. Then she took the Cambridge Proficiency in Inglês Institute of Languages and she and her husband Les, opened a small English course and she taught children and adolescents, until leaving for new adventures.

Ane’s  life in Curupira taught her many things, working with cheese and dairy products, baking bread, pizza, pasta, papier mache, helping in beekeeping and making jellies, chutneys, liqueurs and finally natural oils and cosmetics.

With all this practise and wanting to know more, she began making traditional soap.

In 2000, her mother developed Alzheimer’s disease and she started living with Ane. During the many nights she stayed awake, she spent time on the computer reading about natural cosmetics, herbal medicine, aromatherapy and perfumery, which she always liked.

Studied on the Internet, and took many courses on these subjects and finally felt confident enough to begin making soaps for selling.

When her mother died, her children went to college and the house started to get empty. Ane transformed the room of her mother into a small laboratory where she carried on creating soaps and cosmetics using rudimentary leaves in the yard and aromatherapy essential oils.

It was a way out of loneliness and Ane continued to make her soaps, the traditional kind, her husband keeps bringing honey and bread making and she still went every weekend to the Curupira homestead, where she had to carry water and firewood and live without electricity for two days in week, this helped to break the routine.

Then, in 2008, Ane had the opportunity to be one of the students of the first class, of Justine Crane, here at the Natural Perfume Academy.

Ane translated The course textbook in 2010, authored by Justine Crane, after she mentored the course in Portuguese in 2009, and now Ane teaches her own class using her own style of teaching but following  Justine’s CPD Certified NPA Natural Perfumery Diploma Course curriculum.

Ane also loves traveling. After the death of her mother, she began to travel more, especially to places synonymous with fragrance.. She went to England in 2006 and Istanbul in 2009. Then  to Turkey and Syria, and to England in 2012. Ane visited Morocco in 2013 and to Turkey again.

Ane Walsh pillar of the Brazilian indie perfumery

The Untapped Indie Segment of the World's Largest Fragrance Market