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NPA Press Release January 13, 2018

Natural Perfume Academy announces Ane Walsh as Ambassador

The Cornerstone of Brazilian Natural Perfumery Ane Walsh is presented with the title of Natural Perfume Academy Ambassador and she said Yes! 

Brazil, 23rd November 2018  
As it ends its landmark 10th year of operations, online Natural Perfume Academy has reached a new milestone with the announcement of its first-ever ambassador.

With an illustrious 20-years experience as a perfumer and over 10 years as perfumery teacher, Ane Walsh will continue to inspire, educate and advocate for Natural Perfume Academy – providing students with a unique insight into the art.

Justine Crane, Natural Perfume Academy Co-founder and Perfumer, Writer and Teacher said of the announcement which took place at CIAROMA III (2018) – Congresso Internacional de Aromatologia in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

“It happened during a break between speakers. I pulled her out onto the terrace at the convention, it was warm and there was a light drizzle, just a few people standing in the rain. We walked away from them a bit and I handed her the package with the note and the pin. She read the note and began to cry and laugh. It was beautiful. A sweet, moving experience.”

Ane Walsh has already settled into her new ambassador role as she hosted Justine Crane when she was in Brazil for her recent seminar and book signing with Laszlo.

Natural Perfume Academy have celebrated the announcement with the presentation, to Ane Walsh, of this, handcrafted in Galway, sterling silver piece, inlaid with real Emerald. Made in the Claddagh Jewellers, 1 Quay Street Galway, (Established in 1750)

The design of the broach is symbolic, representing Ane Walsh’s work in the academy since its beginnings in 2008, and of how fully the academy places its trust in her, as if it’s heart were in her hands. The Emerald represents Ireland where NPA is based, it says to Ane that there is a warm welcome waiting for her in Galway and that the academy is forever indebted to her for her tireless work and selfless passion for teaching natural perfumery. 

Ane’s creativity and inspiration know no bounds and her generosity of spirit and her loyalty to The Natural Perfume Academy carries through all her communications and her teaching.