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What is Natural Perfume?

On the face of it, natural perfume is perfume made with natural materials; essential oils, tinctures, infusions, extracts, and absolutes.

But what is Natural Perfume really?

Natural perfume, at its simplest, is created from natural materials such as essential oils, tinctures, infusions, extracts, concretes, and absolutes. However, to many, it represents much more. It embodies art, nostalgia, and dreams that evoke a myriad of emotions. Natural perfume is a journey through history and opulence, transporting you to the temples of Egypt, the palaces of ancient kings and queens, and the caravans traversing mountains and deserts. It offers a discovery of the new and surprising, while serving as a portal to the past and the connections forged through the ages. 

These materials of natural perfumery have accompanied us throughout our history, growing in the fields, forests, and jungles of the world. They are our evolutionary companions and now our revolutionary allies in the art of natural scent.

To truly understand natural perfume, one must appreciate its profound connection to the natural world. Unlike synthetic perfumes, which are composed of artificial chemicals, natural perfumes rely on botanicals harvested from the earth, meticulously extracted, and capturing the essence of flowers, leaves, roots, woods, seeds, and resins. This process results in scents that are rich, complex, and deeply intertwined with the environments from which they originate.

Natural perfume is not just about fragrance; it is also about sustainability and respect for nature. By choosing natural ingredients, perfumers promote ecological balance and support the communities involved in the cultivation and harvesting of these plants. Each bottle of natural perfume is a testament to the harmonious relationship between humans and nature, crafted with care and reverence for the environment.

In essence, natural perfume is a celebration of the world’s botanical diversity and a tribute to the ancient traditions of perfume making. It is an olfactory journey that connects us to the earth and to the timeless art of creating beauty from nature’s bounty.

Natural perfume is a bel canto, rich and resonant, raising the hair on the backs of our necks and arms.

Justine Crane © 2022