Advanced Perfumers Workshops and Masterclasses 2.0

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A series of advanced natural and botanical perfumery workshops and masterclasses written and instructed by Justine Crane. 


Course Outline


The advanced natural botanical perfumery masterclasses and workshops are designed for individuals with some level of experience or knowledge in the field of aroma science. This could include perfumers, aromatherapists, cosmetic formulators, or individuals who have completed introductory perfumery courses. It may also be suited to those interested in natural and organic products or the use of botanical materials in fragrance. 

The Objective of the Advanced Perfumers Workshops: To Focus on the Needs of the Natural Perfumer in Advancing Their Expertise in the Creation of Natural Perfume. 

This series of workshops are designed to challenge experienced natural perfumers’ abilities and increase their potential to advance and refine their techniques through trials, experimentation, and research, and hone their skills of observation and evaluation of their finished works. We will guide students to reach a point of apotheosis in their natural perfumery work by focusing on artistry, intuition, precision, authenticity, and organisation. At the end of this series of workshops, the student will be well versed in all aspects of natural perfume creation.

Each Workshop will take one to four weeks to complete. 

Each Workshop is an intensive, deep dive into the subject matter. 

  • 24/7 Access to the course, with student/attendee questions answered within 24 to 48 hours.
  • The course is designed to be flexible and modular. Because it is web based it is accessible to those with web access who have basic computer skills. 
  • All modules are mandatory.
  • As an on-line course the pace of learning is directed by the student.

Opening Date

This course is currently OPEN 

The course is accredited by NPA and Justine Crane and was piloted with thanks by selected NPA Diploma Graduates.