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The Ancient Alchemy of Kyphi: From Temple Walls to Modern Rituals

Kyphi is an ancient Egyptian incense, a complex blend of aromatic ingredients. It is a testament to the Ancient Egyptians’ profound connection to spirituality, ritual, and the natural world. This incense, found inscribed on temple walls, played a significant role in their daily lives, from sacred ceremonies to household purification. The journey of Kyphi, from its mysterious origins to its […]

A Journey Through Time ~The Evolution of Natural Perfumery

The Dawn of Fragrance: Ancient Beginnings Our journey begins in the cradle of civilization, where the first whispers of fragrance floated on the air of ancient Mesopotamia. Here, we meet Taputti Belatekalim, the world’s first recorded perfumer and the patron of NPA. Picture a bustling market, vibrant with life and rich with the aromas of frankincense and myrrh, resins harvested […]