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Erik Anderson – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer


“I received certification in aromatherapy from the NAHA in 2005. The mystery and power of essential oils captivated me around that time, and has never let go. Though I subsequently established a career in teaching mathematics and computer science soon after that, a friend’s provocation in 2019 to “reconnect with what I really love” motivated me to immerse myself again in the fragrant world and to enrol in a perfumery course at the NPA. I graduated in December, 2020, and am now considering my professional perfumery options.”

Scents of My Life

“I can remember, as a child, feeling simultaneously the lift and grounding of the lush aromas of the mountains – the pines, the fresh waters, the earthen decay. I can remember Mom’s floral perfume, and the scent of my Dad after working in the garage all day.Along with these scent memories come complex sets of feelings and images untarnished even a little by the intervening years. And, sometimes scent can transport us into the mysterious future! The connections between our inner state, and scent, is for me, too fascinating a world not to explore.


“Upon graduating from the NPA in 2020, I submitted one of my perfumes in the New Luxury Awards international competition. It is a masculine cologne, full of scents that I love like Cedarwood, Frankincense, and Lavender, as well as more exotic notes like Choya Ral, Fossilized Amber, Carnation, and artisanal pines and firs.“Reflection” was chosen as a finalist that year (one of four), and it was not only exciting but confidence-building as well.  I am currently working on a formula for my 85-year old mother, whose absolute favorite scent is Gardenia. “


“My goal is to create 100% botanical, bespoke perfumes and colognes that holistically empower my clients.I love working with all-natural, organic, botanical essences that have been rendered with love and care, and paying that forward by crafting formulae that speak to the hearts of others. As I have been an educator practically all of my life, as well, I can definitely see myself as a consultant or educator in the field.”

Erik Anderson