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Martina Vatovec – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer

“Being a woman is a wonderful gift …

And together with this velvety scent, we reach and transcend all the boundaries of this world.


This week’s Friday Spotlight Feature is NPA Qualified &

Professional Natural Perfumer

Martina Vatovec 


Martina Vatovec, boutique perfumer with avant-garde concepts from Koper, Slovenia. Martina is a woman who lives in close contact with nature. She draws inspiration for life from nature, and nature’s colors and essences can be felt in her perfumes. After a sweet confectionery career, she found herself in the world of fragrances. She likes to use familiar scents that connect us with life experiences and the beauty of nature.

She seeks inspiration in minimally processed materials, small and sustainable production and the alchemical creation of perfumes.

She transmits positive feelings into the scents themselves and is happy to share the emotions she first experienced when I ventured into the world of creating botanical perfumes.

Martina’s perfumes are thoughtfully made from quality natural materials. Natural plant materials are carefully and ethically obtained and then selected and blended into noble balanced blends.

“At first I studied aromatherapy, then I found natural perfumery and I simply fell in love with it. I studied in Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, France, Israel and now with NPA. I have to say that I love The Natural Perfume Academy. You can work on your own time, not pressure, but a lot of inspiration.

Thank you for giving me the kick I needed to put my perfumes out in the world.”




MARTINA Botanical Perfumes comprises three ‘aromatherapeutic’ perfumes, which, in addition to smelling nice, also affect the emotions and create harmony of body and mind. With the right choice of essential oils we can find the way to well-being. Smell reaches the subconscious and affects emotions. Because the path from smell perception (nasal cavity) to the brain, where we process smell, is so short that we may not be able to control what is happening with our thoughts.

I SPREAD… JOY brings joy, concentration, tenderness and playfulness. Mandarin, sweet and bitter orange are the top notes of the perfume that evoke inner peace and serenity.

I FEEL… WOMAN is a perfume that emphasizes femininity. A floral perfume with the scent of roses, geraniums, rosewood and sandalwood will wrap women in charming and seductive fragrances and accentuate their elegance.

I LOVE… MYSELF brings the message that everything comes from love. What is so important are the feelings of love that we cultivate towards ourselves. If we love ourselves, we can love the whole world. Mighty love inspired this sweet oriental fragrance. It is topped with vanilla, bergamot, cardamom and rose. When you doubt your love for yourself, this perfume kisses and hugs you and reminds you that you are your own greatest treasure.

Martina’s creations can be found at Moika Parumi


Much more than a pleasant scent.

One drop, one pearl… so it is with botanical perfumes. Within each small bottle lie many treasures of nature, feelings and time.

Perfumes created exclusively from essential oils and other natural elements are unique, they are ‘aromaterapeutic’. Martina invites you to choose the beauty of the right scent for the right moment. Because with their power, you choose your best self.

Martina’s creations can be found at Moika Parfumi


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