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Md Abdullah Al Roman – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer

THE Natural Perfume Academy-September 24th 2021


NPA Qualified & Professional Natural Perfumer


Scents of My Life

“From my earliest memories or you can say “scent of my life” is oud. I first connected with this raw material at a young age when I would spend a lot of my time in my family oud distillation plant. It is my love of oud which brought me to the perfumery Industry. I learned very early on that distillation of oud is connected to my life path and my soul.”


“I am an independent Perfumer, brand consultant and founder of House of Perfumer’s Product Consultancy.

I am co-founder & artistic director of Perfumer’s Lab SDN.BHD.

I work with local artisan brands here in Malaysia.”

  • Oriental queen – 2020 luxury award winner graduates category
  • Oud zest- brand: C’avenir
  • Juicy vetiver- brand: C’avenir
  • Signature wood- brand: DND
  • Elegant rose- brand: DND
  • Scarlet vanilla- brand: Marc Lois
  • Sicilian summer- brand: Marc Lois
  • Classic oud candle- brand: Vose Vianne
  • CoCo & CoCo candle- brand: Vose Vianne


“With increasing demand for ethically sourced natural perfumery materials we can encourage farmers to renew their interest in traditional production and growing methods in order that they can both support themselves, their families, their villages and the environment.

My main vision is to inspire and encourage commercial fragrance & skincare brands to use more natural and plant based materials. I believe there is a way that we can offer quality products while also preserving nature and saving farmers.

In order to save both the environment and artisan perfumery heritage we need to encourage brands to go back to naturals and follow a more ethical path. It is my dream to help the protect the biodiversity of the natural environment while saving farmers’ livelihoods through my work and knowledge.”

Next Time

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