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Membership Subscription Services

Our Contribution to Your Success 

The NPA Business Certification Program offers a variety of subscription services designed to support your continuous professional development. These services provide access to exclusive content, resources, and networking opportunities.

Subscription Options:

  1. Content-Based Subscription:

    • Access to exclusive webinars, workshops, tutorials, and lectures.
    • Structured curriculum with a series of topics to explore over time.
  2. Resource Library Subscription:

    • Comprehensive library of educational resources, including books, research papers, and case studies.
    • Curated content based on member interests and preferences.
  3. Certification Programs Subscription:

    • Access to certification programs or courses with monthly or annual subscription tiers.
    • Ongoing support, mentoring, and assessment for members.
  4. Live Q&A and Office Hours:

    • Regular live Q&A sessions or office hours with instructors.
    • Personalised guidance from course educators.
  5. Community and Networking:

    • Community platform or forum for members to connect and share knowledge.
    • Virtual networking events, discussion groups, and industry meet-ups.

Flexible Pricing and Tiers:

  • Multiple subscription tiers based on different levels of access, features, and benefits.
  • Options for monthly, quarterly, or annual subscriptions.

Continuous Updates and New Content:

  • Regularly updated content, features, and offerings to keep members engaged.
  • Feedback loops to tailor and improve services based on member insights.

Certification Costs

For Non-NPA Graduates: the NPA Business Certification Program is currently on special offer of €150.00. This includes the cost of the certificate and license for one year from date of course completion.

For NPA Graduates: NPA Business Lifetime Business Accreditation is included in the Diploma Certificate. 

Additional Costs: The  additional “specific perfume” certification fees are primarily allocated to cover the expertise of the “nose” who certifies the products, as well as the printing of any required certificates. This fee is payable to all applicants in the specific perfume category, however NPA – Graduates may submit their finals for free “specific perfume” certification. 

Yearly Business Licensing Fee: A small administrative fee is paid to the Natural Perfume Academy (NPA) for the use of the NPA logo on products or websites. The fee structure is based on the number of products to be certified, the nature of the business, and the business’s turnover. Fees are payable yearly or bi-yearly. Any fee increases will be minimal and only to cover rising costs, ensuring affordability. We understand the financial commitment involved in incorporating logos on marketing materials and packaging. Please note that the NPA reserves the right to refuse any applicant without stating a reason. 

NPA Business Certification Standards & Application Form