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Miriam Araújo – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer

“‘Lila’, profound freedom, is at the same time the delight and pleasure of the present moment and God’s play. It also means ‘love’ “.


This week’s Friday Spotlight Feature is NPA Qualified &

Professional Natural Perfumer

Miriam Araújo

Scents of My Life


Miriam Araújo is a multidisciplinary artist, perfume designer and cultural manager. She has training by the Natural Perfume Academy (NPA) and by the Paralela Olfactory School in Sao Paolo. In 2019, She created Lila.Botânica, an olfactory studio whose creations are conceived as poetry, color, movement, affection, life. She loves art, cats, traveling, nature and… perfumes!

“In Sanskrit there is a word, ‘Lila’, which means game, play. Richer than the corresponding words in our language, it means divine play, the game of creation, destruction and recreation, the folding and unfolding of the cosmos. ‘Lila’, profound freedom, is at the same time the delight and pleasure of the present moment and God’s play. It also means ‘love’ “.

1. L’Avventura Perfume – Enigmatic and magnetic. Lila.botânica’s best selling perfume. Unusual notes of grass, almond liqueur, rustic lavender and antique books.

Profile – Fougére, powdery.

2. O’keeffe Perfume – Intimate and sophisticated. Inspired by the life of painter and artist Georgia O’Keeffe and her stone collection. Soft leather notes, prunes, honey and earth.

Profile – Cyprus, fruity.

3. Midnight Sun Perfume – Intense and sensual as a sleepless night out of desire. An explosion of honey, orange blossom, tuberose, tobacco and ylang ylang.

Profile – Heavy floral, woody and animalic.  

5. Rose Gourmand Oily Perfume – Romantic, vintage, dreamy. Inspired by childhood memories of drinking hot chocolate and watching grandmother water the roses in the early morning. Chocolate, caramel, tea and rose notes.

Profile – Floral, gourmand.

6. Bashô Cologne – Aquatic, energizing and refreshing. It evokes a dip in the calm waters of a still lake after a long walk in the woods. Watery and fresh notes. 

Profile: Citrus, aromatic.

For Lila.Botânica, perfumes are pure magic made from liquid poetry. The purpose Miriam seeks when creating perfumes and olfactory services is to convey a unique poetic and inspiring fragrant experience.

In the development of her perfume line, Miriam follows some precepts such as thinking of perfumes as works of art, using the most noble natural ingredients and producing on a very small scale.


Olfactory Marketing – Creation of exclusive perfumes for brands that seek to strengthen their public profile by creating an emotional bond with their customer.

Olfactory Profile Consulting – A journey of connection, beauty and memory carefully designed for people who are looking for an olfactory signature and new sensory experiences!

Aromatic Circle – A sensorial journey through perfume and the fascinating raw materials of botanical perfumery. Here the main objective is to become aware of the power of our own sense of smell, the development of memory and olfactory vocabulary in an artistic, playful and sensitive way.

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