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Olegs Ovcharovs – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer

This week’s Friday Spotlight Feature is NPA Qualified &

Professional Natural Perfumer

Olegs Ovcharovs 
Scents of My Life

“My very first perfume creating experience takes me back to my early years, I was 7 years old and trying to blend my mom’s Climat of Lancome, my dad’s Myth of Dzintars and Chypre. I believe that since that time I have been in love with scents.

Being a chemistry engineer and working with aromatics and petrochemicals I always looked at the source of any smell and its modification. I have collected the scents and perfumes through my entire life.  Spending some years in South-West Asia and in Arabic countries I was rapt by its traditions, perfumes culture and with oriental scents. 


I collect oud oils, wild oud chunks for burning, rare wild olibanum resins and hand-made top quality essential oils. By studying natural scent science I have come to the conclusion – this is mine! I found the “Place” – NPA! I am happy! I am creating and selling natural perfume and people like it.”



“I deeply recognize the nature of synthetic scent and in my opinion this is a sharp lie to our olfactory senses. I even went into Perfumers school to commence my perfumer’s education, but I was disappointed once I entered into the area of Aroma chemicals production. In the world we live today, where we eat synthetic, wear synthetic, smell synthetic we substitute our own life to a synthetic life. We should return to Nature, to our natural sources. I am testing all perfumery materials in the Lab before using and sometimes we may see that rain flushing the plant before the oil processing, and even the water used for distillation may contain traces of poisonous components – this is consequences of our synthetic life. It frightens and prompts me to act in order to preserve at least a small part of our world with green grass and the taste of real milk for our children.”




“Creating perfume is very intimate art because working on a new perfume we must tap into to our memories, to our dreams, to legends and myths, opening sometimes very secret parts of our thoughts and desires. Moreover – the perfume shall be made to emphasize the individuality of the person and correspond to his/her character. Even more – to be a sign of love and give a joy not only to the owner of perfume, but to everyone encountering that scent. When I use vintage materials in preparing the perfume I am trying to attract the signs of the era this material was made. And certainly – bold experiments sometimes allow me to achieve fantastic results in the creation of perfumes.”


“I have no vision, I have no mission! But I have a dream: To make people happier! I trust – a good scent will bring happiness! People will use natural scent. I trust – people will return to Nature with love, return to our basic principal, to innocence.  We will watch our kids happily playing on a green grass and swimming in a clean sea waters! This is my utopia and I do my best to make it come true.”

NPA qualified natural perfumer

Facebook: /olegovcharovparfumerie

Instagram @Olegsovcarovs


Email oleg.ovcharov@yahoo.com

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