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Tânia Santos – NPA Qualified Professional Natural Perfumer

This week’s Friday Spotlight Feature is NPA Qualified &

Professional Natural Perfumer

Tânia Santos

Scents of My Life


Tânia Santos is an atypical perfumer, she works as a lawyer and mediator with several academic publications.

She was inspired by a grandmother who was frowned upon for preparing herbal medicines, experienced nature in three different biome regions in Brazil and questioned herself about the cosmetic industry effects on health and skin, all factors that helped nurturing a secret desire to expand knowledge and olfactory experiences on natural perfumes.

Therefore in 2016 she participated on her first Natural Perfume Academy (NPA) course, followed by many other workshops and developments, all which were decisive for the creation of a perfume atelier at her house.

In 2020, during the pandemics, she created Perfumes Naturais & Cia – PN&C which aims to share knowledge and contribute with people that search for self-care and valuation of natural beauty, with respect for the environment. While reinforcing the idea that it is possible to make your own natural perfumes and other basic cosmetics in a safe and gratifying way,

Tânia found amazing people and developed incredible relationships to this day through the connections from this work.

She believes that the perfumer is an apprentice of success from multiple experiences and someone who wishes to, besides living life to its fullest, also cultivate a passion. Being a perfumer is assuming wide open doors to creativity and enchantment from the never ending recombination of nuances.

As a perfume completes and transforms itself on every different skin, it creates an unique and personal experience.

Alcohol base perfumes:

Y Rei Y (water) Rei (natural)
A tribute to Amazon waterfalls bathing.
Notes of copaíba (copaifera langsdorffii), patchouli (pogostemon cablin), pau-rosa (aniba rosaeodora), cumaru (dipteryx odorata), priprioca (cyperus articulatus) and basil.

Notes of oudh, atlas cedarwood, coconut, thuya and grapefruit with saffron tincture

Notes of neroli, bergamot, lemmon, orange, rosemary and lavender tincture.

Notes of cyprus, jasmine, tangerine, grapefruit, bee wax and vanilla tincture.

Notes of classic amber, myrrh, patchouli (pogostemon cablin) and tuberose.

Solid perfume:
Yam – patchouli (pogostemon cablin), rose and ylang

Facial tonic: rose, lemmon, peppermint and lavender.
Facial skin and body moisturizer post-beach: moriche palm, annatto, avocado and coconut
Facial skin and body moisturizer: copaíba (copaifera langsdorffii), flaxseed, grape seeds, calendula and lavender
Facial serum: rose hip, black currant, myrrh and green coffee


To share, spread, inspire and encourage the application of natural botanical fragrances in the production of sustainable cosmetics aligned with promoting appreciation of the natural beauty and environmental preservation.


Tailor made perfumes for friends and family members.
On-line store on structuring phase which will sell products and services of different brands that relate with natural perfume and stimulate innate beauty.

NPA qualified natural perfumer
Instagram @perfumesnaturaisecia
Email perfumesnaturais.cia@gmail.com

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